Floatation therapy provides a unique environment wherein the body is weightless and suspended in a high saturated solution of Epsom Salt. This therapy offers your mind the opportunity to be free from outside stimuli. The condition allows for increased healing and restoration of the body and mind. Years of medical research regarding the effects of floatation therapy have exposed incredible benefits.

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Our premium, state of the art pods are made of antibacterial acrylic. After each float session, the salt water is entirely drained and goes through three different filtering systems. While the water is stored, the emptied pod is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by hand before the stored water goes through the three filtering stages once more and it is pumped back in the pod for the next session. 


Our rooms are completely private. A private shower is included in each room complete with soap, shampoo and conditioner. Fresh towels are provided. The relaxing room and pod is yours to enjoy during your entire session.



One hour of floating equals four hours of meditation and six hours of deep sleep! The more often one floats, the stronger and longer lasting its effects become. The list of benefits are too numerous to indicate here.

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First Time Float Session

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