Benefits of floating

Relieve Stress, Recover from
Injuries, Fight Addiction & Eliminate Chronic Pain



Don’t take our word for it.

At Soulex we rely on the science of flotation therapy so you can trust the physical and mental benefits we offer. Review the 3 published studies below or take a look through TRIP or Pub Med database searches to learn for yourself.

▪︎   Significantly decrease stress [Study 1, 2]

▪︎   Reduce symptoms of depression [Study 1, 2]

▪︎   Decrease anxiety [Study 1, 2]

▪︎   Significantly reduce your worst pain [Study 1, 2]

▪︎   Improve focus [Study 1]

▪︎   Enhance optimism [Study 1]

▪︎   Improve quality of sleep[Study 1, 3]

▪︎   Increase mindfulness [Study 1, 3]

▪︎   Improve feelings of well-being [Study 1, 3]

1 hour of floating = 4 hours of real world meditation + 8 hours of sleep

Pain Relief & Injury Recovery

In addition to the constant pain, physical injuries keep many people from working. Float tanks can help get people back to work and even save companies money. Floating can effectively expedite healing in broken bones or sprained joints, provide relief from back and neck pain, generate both spinal and structural alignment and provide physical rehabilitation.

Medical Conditions

Floating can help ease various medical conditions including arthritis, scoliosis and fibromyalgia. What’s uniquely exciting about relief from Fibromyalgia is that it currently has very few known remedies. A recent pilot study with Fibromyalgia patients found a significant decrease in pain both from the beginning to the end of a float, and from float session to float session.

Athletic Training

Float tanks have huge implications for athletics, mostly stemming from the fact that you can actually train your body harder and faster with the use of a float tank due to faster recovery time. Floating has various other benefits that are valuable to athletes including lactic acid reduction, improved reaction time, faster injury recovery and visualization. Injuries have been shown to heal up to twice as fast while floating, with a gradually diminishing effect for several days after. This can bring sports players back onto the field faster, and is an ideal treatment to coincide with many forms of physical rehabilitation. Floating is also an effective tool for injury prevention. Many injuries are a result of stress and tension in the body during the moment of injury. Floating encourages a relaxed physicality that helps prevent injuries from occurring. Lastly, visualization is particularly valuable for athletes. Even without a float tank, visualization can actually build muscle memory at about 70% the efficiency of actually physically practicing a skill. This is thanks to mirror neurons, one of our brains vital learning mechanisms. Being in the tank provides the ideal environment to take advantage of visualization techniques, increasing this learning efficiency.


Many centers have reported that pregnant woman are some of the most satisfied float customers. By flipping onto the stomach, all the weight of the baby can be effectively removed from the mother’s body, a welcome relief in the 8th or 9th month.

Strengthened Immune System

The abundance of resources freed up while floating allows our body to reallocate that energy towards building up our defenses, giving us a nice boost of immunity during and after a float.

Stress Relief

Stress is rampant throughout our culture, and the havoc this can have on the human body is well documented. Our fight-or-flight system basically gives priority to a select number of our bodies faculties at the expense of most of our basic regulatory functions. Float tanks are possibly the most relaxing environment we can put our bodies into. Stress relief comes almost instantly from floating, and simply gets stronger and lasts longer the more you float. Consistent floating can help alleviate all of the following: Hypertension, apoplexy or stroke, coronary heart disease, ulcers, migraines, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, depression, burn out syndrome, fertility issues, TMJ syndrome, trichotillomania and many other ailments related to stress.

Emotional Pain Relief

The float tank is an ideal environment for working through traumatic or painful memories without the emotional charge they usually carry. The reduction of stress hormones prevents the body from triggering the same emotional stress cycles usually created when reliving painful memories, allowing us to reprogram our brains to dissociate these traumatic memories from the stressful neurochemicals they usually release. Because of this float tanks are effective treatments for PTSD and Psychological Therapy.


Stress relief is incredibly effective at helping people sleep at night, including people with insomnia. In addition to this, many people have trouble falling asleep because their brain has trouble downshifting from their Alpha waves into the Theta waves that act as the gateway to sleep. By floating, people’s brainwaves are naturally dropping into this Theta state, meaning their body can easily make the transition into the Delta waves required for REM.


Most physical addictions are a result of a certain drug becoming our brain’s main source of substantial dopamine release. As our bodies become more and more dependent on that drug, the dopamine released during our routine lives becomes less effective at satisfying that craving. The float tank provides a natural source of substantial dopamine release in our brain. Having a healthy source for this gives an addict’s brain somewhere to look other than their addiction. In effect, the float tank weens the brain away from a drug dependency by enabling them to have a natural, internal alternative.

Hemispheric Brainwave Synchronicity

EEG readings taken in relation to sensory deprivation show an increased synchronicity of brainwave frequencies across our left and right hemisphere. This indicates a level of mental efficiency, health, and clarity that is still being explored by scientists today. So far, both research and anecdotal evidence has shown enhanced problem solving and enhanced cognitive ability. Additionally, floating may lead to skill acquisition, language acquisition and increased memorization abilities.

Weight Loss

Floating allows the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as our “rest-and-digest” system. This is where our body does many of its regulatory activities. As you can imagine, our “rest-and-digest” system activates our metabolism, leading to weight loss. In addition to this, when combined with motivational weight loss recordings played in the tank that attempt to influence people’s behavioral pattern, floaters were found to have continued weight loss for up to 6 months after a single session in the tank.

Overall Well-being

As subjective as this sounds, there is actually a psychological evaluation that attempts to quantify people’s general well being, which float tanks have been shown to dramatically improve.

Skin and Hair Health

Despite most people’s immediate impression that soaking in a tub with that much salt will dehydrate or pickle you, Epsom salt is wonderful for skin and hair. In fact, Epsom salt’s main use in the world right now is cosmetic. Being a entirely different compound than table salt, the Epsom salt does not dehydrate you in any way. Your skin doesn’t even absorb it the same way it would water, meaning no amount of time in the float tank will ever leave you pruned up.