Can Children Benefit from Floating?

Child Water.png

There are no typical flotation tub users. People of all ages and walks of life enjoy the experience of floating, including children. Children are permitted to use Soulex’s flotation tubs and experience many of the same physical and mental benefits of adults. While some parents worry that their children may experience fear or claustrophobia within the flotation tub, there are no reports of such episodes. In fact, children often report that the darkness in the tub is calm and peaceful as opposed to the scary darkness of their bedrooms at night. Additionally, floating is physically safe for children and no swimming ability is required as anyone will effortlessly float due to the buoyancy effect of the epsom salt solution.

Many of the mental and physical benefits of flotation tubs are particularly of value for children. Because childhood is the most formative time for our bodies and minds the positive benefits of floating often have long-lasting effects on children. The physical benefits of floating include boosting ones immune system, increased endorphin production, prevention of sports injuries, faster athletic recovery, improved absorption of nutrients and even improved formation of joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins. Mental benefits include accelerated learning, heightened mental clarity and alertness, increased creativity and problem solving, and drastic reductions in anxiety. Floating even facilitates freedom from phobias, addictions, and destructive habits. Furthermore, flotation tubs improve quality of sleep and can help with sleep disorders.

Further research is being conducted on the positive effects of flotation tubs on diabetic and autistic children. Current research suggests that the sensory deprivation experienced within flotation tubs stimulates positive changes in learning, social behavior, and cognitive function in autistic children. Research also shows that flotation tubs improve the body’s ability to use insulin, which reduces the incidence and severity of diabetes.

Children can benefit from utilizing Soulex’s flotation tubs and are at the ideal stage for floating to truly benefit their development and have a positive impact on the rest of their lives. 

pedramin vaziri