The facts: Are flotation tubs clean?

Clean Pod.png

The water and tub used for your flotation experience are extremely clean. The water is drained after each use, much like when you get a pedicure. The drained water goes to a reservoir which filters and sanitizes. And, of course, the tub is cleaned before the next use.

The natural sterilizing agent in the water is pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts, and when added to the 8-10" of water it provides that buoyancy that makes flotation so relaxing. This incredibly high concentration of salts is far saltier than the Dead Sea and microorganisms, bacteria or viruses cannot exist in such an inhospitable environment.

Also, the water is UV-sanitized and we use the same sanitizing agents used in swimming pools plus 0.02% hydrogen peroxide; all of which kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Finally, each guest is required to shower before entering the flotation tub..

With these three steps, Soulex guarantees that our flotation tubs have the most sanitary water you’ll be floating in!

So come by and float to rest in a clean environment.

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