What is a float tub/REST tank/float spa?

Float Pod.png

By definition a flotation tub is a lightproof, soundproof tank of salt water in which a person floats as a form of deep relaxation. The water is kept at skin-temperature, making it imperceptible, and because the tank is lightproof and soundproof, the tub creates a place for our bodies to be free from gravity and all stimula­tion from the outside world. “Isolation tanks” which developed into flotation tubs were first used by John C. Lilly to study the effects of sensory deprivation. Flotation tubs are now used as an alternative form of medicine and for relaxation, meditation and their numerous mental and physical benefits.

Different clients use our floatation tubs for different reasons as the benefits involved are vast and varied. The floatation tub experience is meant to provide an ideal environment for the floater; free from light, noise, touch and gravity. Because the tub creates an environment free of all distractions it enables the body to truly relax and absorb all of the mental and physical benefits the tub has to offer. In this state of relaxation, there is heightened brain wave activity that often allows for productive introspection for the floater. This deeply relaxed state also heightens the body’s natural abilities to heal, focus, and harness creativity and inspiration, thus making floating a powerful learning tool for any student, artist, or person looking to get the most out of their profession. Some floaters choose to completely clear their mind of any thoughts while others choose to actively direct their mind’s energy towards specific goals. While it may take a couple float sessions to get the hang of it, many floaters have the ability to get into a meditative state during their first float session.

Flotation tubs are essential in our fast pace world in which it is very easy to neglect our health by letting our bodies fall victim to the excessive stress we face daily. Flotation tubs remove the stressful stimuli and sensory nutrients we typically experience, allowing the brain to focus on healing and higher consciousness. Floating gives us time to recharge our bodies and create a positive spiral towards recovery and health in order to improve our overall wellbeing. 

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