Will a flotation tub make me feel claustrophobic?

Floatation Tub.png

Are you one of those people who doesn’t like the feeling of being confined? Well no worries, let us tell you about a float room.

It’s is big enough to stand and walk around in. Lights on? Lights Off? It’s your choice, you are in control of your float experience.

Still, some first-time floaters ask us, 'is it claustrophobic?' So let’s talk about the tub and the rooms. The tubs do have a door, leave it open, close it... your choice. You can listen to music or you can turn off the light and float in silence.

Soulex offers two spacious flotation tubs as well as one flotation room. Repeat floaters will tell you how blissful and comfortable it is; how deeply relaxed they feel while floating. The buoyant quality of the salts creates a feeling of weightlessness; many people find that the space they’re in feels limitless. They compare it to floating in air.

The flotation room has a tub that is open to the expanse of the room. Flotation tubs are a roomy 8x5, and in the flotation room the height above you allows you to stand upright and move freely around during your float. Flotation rooms are ideal for first timers, but you’ll find once you’re floating no matter where you are you’ll feel like you’re floating in a limitless space.

Why float?

Floating is not a common feeling in our everyday busy lives and it brings an instant relaxation. Floating reduces stress hormones, thus preventing the emotion-stress cycle trigger. Once in the tub you can let any concerns drift away as you experience incredible lightness.


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