At Soulex we are committed to delivering the best float experience for our clients.

You will notice the greatest benefits from floating when you float on a regular basis. If this is your first time floating with us, please select a package and create an account to enable you to book floats.

Our first time floater prices are for new clients only. All sessions are 60 minutes.

Step 1
Purchase a Float

Select a single session/package from the options below. Float packages are not shareable. 


First time float session

1 float


Expires 30 days after purchase

First time introductory package

3 floats


Expires 60 days after purchase

Single Float Session


Expires 30 days after purchase

Package of 3 Float Sessions


Expires 60 days after purchase

Package of 5 Float Sessions


Expires 3 months after purchase

Package of 10 Float Sessions


Expires 5 months after purchase

* Larger packages and longer sessions available upon request. 

Step 2
Make an Appointment

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Give the gift of relaxation.