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Workshop at SOULEX - IPath Training Workshop

  • Soulex 1010 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20001 (map)

IPATH or Integrated Postural Alignment Techniques is restorative practice to eliminate back/body pain. As we live longer, and our built environment makes it so we move less- our posture deteriorates. Joints become restricted and the difference between tense and weak muscles create stress. Imbalances, stiffness, overcompensation and loss of motion lead to pain signals throughout the body.

IPATH is developed to guide each person to become experts in their own bodies, and eliminate dependence on costly pain-maintenance crutches. IPATH promotes independence so we can enjoy pain free living in our unique bodies for many years to come. IPATH postures are based upon letting go of tension and passively relaxing into good alignment, perfect for floating.