Our pods were born out of a longing for a hygienic floating experience. The state of the art design is European made and has won numerous awards, earning a reputation for cleanliness. Thanks to its triple filtering system, the water in the pods is always fresh and as good as new. After each session, the water in the pod is completely emptied out, passing through an intricate water cleaning system and is sent into a storage tank, which keeps the water sanitized. The pod is then cleansed by hand. As the next session begins, the salt water in the tank goes back through the filtration system once more and fills up the pod with fresh, clean and sanitized water. While in the water, you can enjoy the silence or choose from 16 different sound tracks suitable for a rejuvenating floating experience. You may also choose to float with lights off or enjoy a soothing array of colored light therapy. There is also an option for aromatherapy. The silent heating system built into the structure of the pod keeps the water at a constant body temperature for maximum comfort. The unique, large, egg shaped design provides ample room for all body types and sizes. 

We are confident you will love your float experience at Soulex!


Unique Features

▪︎   Thermo-Molded Antibacterial Acrylic Shell

▪︎   Pod Disinfection Following Each Session

▪︎   Integrated Assistance Button

▪︎   Lightweight Lid allows for easy manual Open/Close Operation

▪︎   14" Base Height which allows for ease of entry

▪︎   Integrated Handle Bars for Handicap Accessibility

▪︎   Insulated Teflon Cables for Maintaining Temperature

▪︎   RGB Light Therapy

▪︎   Natural Aromatherapy


Water Movement

Our pods feature a hyper-efficient water cleaning and treatment system. Before and after every float session, the total volume of water is cleaned twice using four different filtering methods. During off hours, the pods will automatically circulate and clean the water several times. The water regeneration process consists of hydrogen peroxide as well as physical and mechanical cleaning methods, achieving the most sanitary results.