renew your body

Escape gravity, balance your system, eliminate stress and anxiety



Our clients report feeling at ease and relaxed the moment they walk in the front door of Soulex, and that is not by accident! At Soulex we have paid special attention to the design and presentation of our space.

We have been conscious about using eco friendly and natural products, made in the USA. Even the paint used on the walls is certified asthma and allergy friendly. Our cleaning solutions  and laundry detergent are eco friendly, natural organic as well as asthma and allergy friendly. All our toiletry products are natural and our towels are 100% organic cottonOur slippers  are made from recyclable plastic, made in the USA. Most importantly we use Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfection as opposed to chlorine. We also use top quality, made in the USA Epsom Salt in our tanks.

All these behind the scenes provisions contribute to the ultimate relaxation experience that is unique to Soulex, and naturally our clients attest to it.

Room 1 + 2

Featuring our pods which have a lid, the pods are approximately 6’x8’. The water is 12” deep. These two rooms are ADA compliant. 

Room 3

Featuring our pod with a lid, the pod is approximately 6’x8’. The water is 12” deep. 

Room 4

With a large open air basin that fits two people at the same time. The basin is 7’x9’. The water is 14” deep. 

All rooms are private and soundproof and include their own shower.