OUR MISSION is to offer a unique environment conducive to relaxation, which leads to the reduction and elimination of stress and pain, and paves the way to a balanced life, abundant with creativity, productivity, well being, peace and happiness.

The impetus for opening Soulex was based on a passion in the fact that floating can help rapidly reduce and even eliminate the overwhelming amount of stress we face on a daily basis. 

The main initiation to create a float spa in Washington DC was sparked in Pedramin, the founder of Soulex,  during her six years of being a stay-at-home mother and realizing the significance of responsibility and the rewards embedded in helping and serving others. She struggled to manage stress effectively in her busy life and this led her to seek a more balanced and peaceful life. She attempted some mainstream mindfulness methods such as meditation and yoga, which are wonderful on their own but require a certain mental and physical discipline as well as a long term dedication that may not be feasible for everyone. Then she was introduced to floatation - a natural, simple and effortless way to achieve a deep state of relaxation, rejuvenation and peace. Although the benefits of floating are more tangible after a few sessions, her initial experience was illuminating and life changing! She decided there and then that she should make this magical therapy available to all, especially in the nation's capitol where the intensity of stress is palpable but without any centers that offer floating. She created Soulex out of her passion to be of service in a meaningful way, impacting lives by cultivating peace and clarity of mind through the power of floatation .