Thinking of You Set

Thinking of You Set

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Stress Ease tea + Calm + Refresh tea

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  • How to use

    • Teas: Steep for 5 minutes in hot water
    • Salts: Pour a generous amount into the warm bath
  • Benefits

    • Stress Ease
      • Licorice Root: Acts as a Soothing Agent
      • Jasmine: Helps with Insomnia
      • Rose Buds: Relieves Stress and Anxiety
      • Cinnamon Stick: Regulates Blood Sugar
    • Calm
      • Deeply Hydrates
      • Improves Quality of Sleep
      • Soothes Muscle Pain
      • Cleanses and Disinfects Skin's Surface
    • Refresh
      • Peppermint: Soothes stomach upset, prompts healthy digestion
      • Lemongrass: Good for digestion
      • Cinnamon Stick: Regulates Blood Sugar